Social media globe in handEach and everything comes with its own advantages and disadvantages which are dependent on its usage. Social Media is not exempted from this natural law. We have our cultural and religious values, anything which has some positive sides and is not resisting our values is of course beneficial for us if properly used.

Social media has provided with a platform which helps the employers and employees to meet hence easing out the process of job search. At the same time social media itself has created many employment opportunities for the self-employed entrepreneurs too. Another pro of social media is that all the information is now speedily shared across the planet in real time.

Social media was the tool responsible for the political changes in the middle-east if we look into the recent history. It provides with a platform outside the institute for the teachers and pupils to interact. Many of the unhealthy addictions may be avoided by simply socializing and that can be done just by sitting at home. Social media is blessing for the people who otherwise feel shy to socially interact they can easily interact now.

Downside of social media cannot be disregarded, number of problems results from the misuse. But it is individual’s own choice how he uses the facility making his own life better or wasting his precious time. Still the benefits for the masses outnumber the problems only and only if cultural and religious values are given priority.