A new drama serial Iffet has started on Geo Kahani Channel from 20th February 2014 every Monday to Wednesday at 9 pm.  Story of this Drama revolves around pretty young girl Iffet who lives with her father and younger sister is deeply in love with a local taxi driver Cemil.

Iffet wants to marry with him and loves him a lot and she keeps on dreaming a day when Cemil gets marry to her but Cemil does not want to marry Iffet until he becomes a rich man. Iffet continuous her relationship with Cemil, he starts pushing her about sharing her bed before marry, unfortunately one day during the wedding of Iffet’s best friend Serpil, Cemil rapes Iffet while he drunk. Cemil begs her forgiveness with a proposal of marriage.

Iffet dramaIffet thinks that everything will be fine but nothing happens as she thinks. When Iffet is left nothing through her lover Cemil her love changes into revenge. Her revenge is quite stronger than her love for Cemil.