Hum Sitaray1Hum Sitaray TV channel is a Pakistan entertainment channel which was launched by Hum Network Limited on 14 December 2013. After 1 year of its progression, it is seen that Hum Sitaray is unable to get public attention as it is unsuccessful to get great viewership which is very important for the success of any channel.

Hum Sitaray which is not in the list of highest rating channel is owned by Duraid Qureshi who started Hum Sitaray as a new family channel with all ingredients of entertainment. Hum Sitaray has been struggling for 1 year to attract most of its audiences with great deal of entertainment as it provides all genres of family interests. Entertaining and emotional dramas, cooking shows, musical shows, game shows, comedy junks and many more as both local and global content are the part of this channel.

Hum Sitaray which came up with the Slogan of Sitaron ka jahaan is broadcasting several interesting shows for their immense viewership but unfortunately they are getting noticeable public response which leads them towards great loss. As far as competition has become very tough in media channels, it becomes hard to establish the name of channel in the industry. Hum Sitaray which aims to provide entertainment 24/7 needs more hard work in order to add their name in list of rating channels.