tv anchorsIt does not go completely wrong to state that media persons in Pakistan earn hefty amount. But not necessarily, every one at the same designation in different organizations has the same earning. Pakistani media with the vast distribution of its news, entertainment, current affair, talk shows has opened up ‘ways’ for many journalism pursuing career oriented individuals to make it to making good bank accounts and transforming their lifestyles from ordinary ones to lavish.

Famous media men are able to earn in millions in the media industry. But the producers and directors who play major role in the formation of shows and dramas are often neglected in pay scale in relation to those identified on the TV screens.

The famous morning show hosts charge around Rs 2-3 million per month according to sources.

The pay scale of varies with the name of organizations. Media group with good reputation and sound working background has enough to offer to its workers than those at less level. News anchors/host are paid Rs. 25000 to Rs. 300,000 according to their experience. Big media channels pay hefty amounts whereas small channels pay less.

Assets owned by the known figures pose big question over the ‘corruption’ practice in the field of journalism that is known for its credibility, authenticity and honesty.