Female News Anchor Hina AyraHina Ayra, the name of the young talent of Pakistani media who is successfully moving towards successive career through her hard work and abilities. Hina Ayra is currently working with the leading channel of Pakistan Capital TV as a news anchor. She has been working with Capital TV since June 2014 in a very effective manner as she is full of on-air reporting skills by having remarkable knowledge of local and national current events.

The emerging news anchor Hina Ayra has also worked with the prominent media channel Express News as a news anchor from September 2013 to May 2014 which was surely a successive start of her career. She raced her career with International Journalism Conference of Punjab Government in March 2013 which was hosted by her in the presence of prominent journalists after which she started to approach by famous organizations.

[alert style=”white”] News anchor Hina Ayra is playing a role of asset for leading organizations while meeting up with new challenges in order to bring effective outputs for the companies. [/alert]

By facing the camera with ease and confidence, Hina Ayra is updating the public with informative news and events. She holds excellent interpersonal communication skills due to which she quickly gets viewers’ attention as well as her way of news anchoring also attracted many viewers.

Hina Ayra holds worthy experience in reporting and news anchoring due to which she is maintaining her duties in appreciable manner. She is a well-coordinated team member who upholds good working-relationship with newscast producers and co-anchor in order to bring informative broadcasting. She is highly dedicated and focused towards her work as well as she is able to work independently in a creative way which are her key qualities due to which she is making her prestigious place in the journalism field.

The 20-yeard old news anchor of Capital TV is full of major achievements as she has covered important and striking topics such as political cultures of the world, rising China and US Stance, Pak­China relations, Burma Muslim Killings, conflict Resolution in Asian states, Media’s Role in our society, new world order after 9/11, Arrival of Dajjal, ethnic conflicts in Pakistan & Muslim world and many more. Hina Ayra received her BS in Politics & International Relations degree from Islamic International University۔