haseena moin dramasHaseena Moin is among the prolific writers the Pakistan media industry has ever produced. In her latest interview she told that she has written for Indian drama industry on the request from Indian producers. She is only Pakistani to have written for Indian drama industry.

With her enchanting writing skills she has ruled the drama industry of Pakistan and her classical plays, dramas have earned international fame. The legendary writer is a scriptwriter, playwright and drama artist who has contributed immensely in the Pakistani media, from television, stage to radio. The icon has also been recognized in India for her exceptional skills. Renowned producer, director and actor Raj Kapoor called her to the neighboring country for writing the dialogues of his movie, ‘Hina’, where she wrote two drama scripts for the Indian local channels too.

For the Pakistan media industry, happening of such thing is tide of positivism since after a long time a Pakistani written script would be aired on Indian TV channels. She wrote the Indian drama’ Kashmakash’. The title song was sung by Tina Sani while Arshad Mahmood was the musician.

Haseena Moin has introduced various actors and actresses in the media industry who presently enjoy good reputation. She is the recipient of Pride of Performance Award given to her on the recognition of her art works.

Her notable writings include Ankahi, Tanhaiyyan, Kiran Kahani, Dhoop Kinaray, Ahat, Kasak, Parchaiyyan, Uncle Urfi, Shehzori, Dhundle Raste and many others.

Presently the drama serials aired on Geo TV ‘Meri Behan Maya’ and ‘Saray Mausam Apnay Hain’ are her work contributions.