GNN logoGNN a new news channel is about to launch in Pakistan. GNN is being launched by one of the largest bakery chain in Pakistan which is named ‘Gourmet’. GNN has announced talent hunt for news anchors, hosts & reporters.

The channel is looking for talented and skilled candidates from all over Pakistan.

How to Participate in Talent Hunt?

In order to participate in talent hunt you will have to record a short video of yourself. In this video you will show your abilities about the post for which you want to apply.

Send your video to the following:
WhatsApp: 03249201550

Enter your Full Name, City Name, CNIC Number & Complete Address along with the video and send it to the above address.

Jobs Offered:

GNN has not only initiated talent hunt but they have announced job opportunities in their upcoming channel. Below is the list of departments in which vacancies are open:

  • News
  • Run Down
  • Panel
  • Copy Desk
  • Packaging
  • Planning
  • Assignment Desk
  • Monitoring/Tickers
  • Sports Desk
  • Entertainment/Showbiz
  • Anchor
  • Bureau
  • Makeup
  • Editing
  • Programming
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Creative
  • Technical

Interested candidates can send their resumes at:

Selection Process:

The HR department will evaluate all the received videos and resumes. After that the most appropriate candidates will be selected and contacted for interview. Candidates successful in interview will be hired for the applied post.

For more details & information contact at:
Contact: 03249201550