aamir liaquatOne of Pakistan’s most famous TV host Aamir Liaquat is hosting the Ramazan Transmission at BOL TV, ‘Ramazan Mein Bol’ and the biggest Game Show in the history of Pakistan ‘Game Show Aisay Chalay Ga’.

Registration Method:

If you are confused that how can anyone be part of the online transmission? Or if you are wondering how you can get the passes of the show? Then just visit Bol website and complete the online registration form online registration form.

To submit the registration form visit the official portal of Bol Ramazan Transmission.

In the Promo of the Show Dr. Aamir Liaquat announced that he will offer amazing gifts which no other TV channel can compete with, the list includes aeroplanes.

It will be the first time in the history of Pakistan that Aeroplane will be given in the Ramazan Transmission. Other gifts include:

3 aeroplanes
30 houses
60 cars
Gold worth hundreds of Kgs
Cash Prize