Pakistan is a Muslim majority country where people hold Islamic values, even the constitution of Pakistan makes it the responsibility of the government to educate the younger generations about Islamic Values. But it seems that our media is moving on some other direction.

Recently Geo News covered the marriage of the first British gay who was a Muslim. The news was aired during headlines in a positive way rather than in rejection on which it faced criticism.

Dr Aamir Liaquat who previously was part of Geo Network also criticized the indecent headlines asking whether the news was worthy enough to be covered in Pakistan? He claimed that on foreign support and funding the cause of LGBT is being promoted in Pakistan.

Social media users also criticized the campaign led by liberal activists to normalize such unethical acts and immorality in Pakistan as it clearly contradicts Islam.

It should be noted that Geo is not the first media network to promote such things previously Tribune, Mangobaaz & Parhlo were also criticized for their promotion of LGBT.