Pakistani Actress NargisLahore: Famous Former stage performer and actress Nargis does not want to work in showbiz anymore. I am getting offers to work in movies but I don’t want to join showbiz again, actress expressed. She has said that she still prays for the progress of Pakistani film industry. Pakistani Actress Nargis says that she has always done quality work, since she joined showbiz. Her fans still like her performance, but she is not going to work in showbiz.

Actress Nargis is a famous Pakistani stage performer. She is famous for her dance and got a lot of fans. But this is very bad news for her fans that she is not willing to work again, but her decision is good to quit showbiz because she is going to learn Aalima course. Nargis is one of the best stage performers and she had been working for long time. Her real name is Ghazala; 43 years old Nargis has also performed in stage drama of Umer Shareef “Chand Babu”.

Actress Nargis performed well in “Chand Babu”, she did the role of bald woman in this show. Her younger sister Deedar is also a stage performer. Both sisters are famous and good performer. Nargis is leaving showbiz because she wants to become a practicing and wants to live a simple life.