Ali Afzal actor new and old lookAfter winning the hearts of his viewers for over one decade, popular former actor Ali Afzal has now starts preaching Islam. He has also left showbiz industry for this purpose and now giving lectures with his complete Islamic appearance. In a video titled “Main Kese Badla”, Ali Afzal told the complete story behind his completely changed life as compared to the past.

He said that everybody in this world wants ALLAH but those who are far away from Him, they needs ALLAH more than those who are close with Him.

Ali Afzal told that after sitting in the company of renowned Islamic scholars and understanding the teachings of Quran, he had decided to left showbiz industry and starts preaching Islam. He said that after so many years of his association with the showbiz industry, he found that he is going on the wrong track. He also added that many of his showbiz colleagues are trying their best to left showbiz and come to the real destination of life.

Ali Fazal was famous actor of Pakistani showbiz industry and had been appeared in many popular television serials including Kailash, Poora Chaand, Manzilain, Saiqa and Buri Aurat. He had also hosted Ramzan Transmission for two years on TV One.

In the past, many other actors including Junaid Jamshed, Sara Chaudhry and Sataesh Khan had left showbiz and started their spiritual journey. The fans and showbiz colleagues of Ali Afzal have congratulated him for his new journey of life and wished him best of luck.