Dr. Farah Farooq news casterDr. Farah Farooq is among the media professionals who have earned name and designation through their personal positive traits. Being a doctorate in medicine from Sindh Medical College she managed to get through among the leading channels, Geo and ARY Television network.

Farah holds 10 years experience as a news anchor and producer in both of the channels. She possesses good news sense and her good journalistic attitude makes her distinguished from others. She has good public relations and through her contacts she get sight of the important news that catch viewers’ attention and that is some times the need of masses and the channel. Her practicality, ability to manage in the working environment and to put efforts for making a program to gain high rating have changed her designation to a senior anchor/ producer.

Networking with people, food social contacts, experiences of hosting events and speaking at public forums are her specialties for which she is greatly admired. Her enchanting personality contributes much to the programs and in designing the news.

She started off her career in media as an anchor in the Geo channel where she also served as associate producer. She was charged with the responsibilities of heading over the pre and post news schedules. She dealt with news production and the airing of the special events based programs as per the channel policy. For around 4 years she had been associated with the channel.

Farah joined the ARY channel in the year 2008 and continues to work there. Being senior producer and anchor she is honored to cover the controversial issues of Bhoja Air Crash, Osama Bin Laden’s raids and many others which were both of local and international importance. While the channel had its stations in Dubai, she interviewed political figures for the channel. The channel has now relocated its stations in Karachi and she resides in the metropolitan city. Dr. Farah hosts live, breaking news shows and some times consumers based shows too.

She holds experience of camera operating, video production, broad cast journalism, preparing documentaries.