Ainee JunaidAinee Junaid is one of the prominent news anchors of Express News who is known for her work since many years as her unique way of speaking is greatly appreciated. She has also worked Capital TV and Din News where her news programs got great appreciation through her news anchoring as her skills and talent was also recognized in the field of journalism.

Newscaster Ainee Junaid started to work for Din News TV channel as a news anchor in the year 2011- 2013 and she has also worked in Capital TV from 1st February, 2013 to June, 2013. After that she started to work for Express News from 13th June, 2013 as she is still working with the famous and well-known news channel up till now in a very positive manner. Recently Ainee Junaid got married with Junaid Rauf in March 8th, 2014 as her husband also served as assistant producer at Capital TV in January 9, 2013 to September 9, 2013. Now Junaid Rauf, Ainee Junaid’s husband is working in the company Protostar Logistics Inc.

Anchor Ainee Junaid has proved herself as a hard worker and up to date anchor with great knowledge of anchoring. Due to her exceptional way of delivery of news, she is getting to known as notable and a remarkable newscaster as well as she is always appears very well-dressed and presentable on air.