Express Entertainment Show Malamal Express bannerIn the recent years, Pakistani entertainment channels have adopted a new trend of game shows and this trend is spreading day by day. After Geo Entertainment, ARY Digital and Hum Network, Express Entertainment is also in list with game show. The game show which is named as “Malamal Express” on-airs on Express Entertainment. The registration procedure of the Malamal Express has been released by the Express Entertainment and people can register themselves in order to participate in the game show.

Registration Through Call

Interested people who are willing to participate in Malamal Express should dial 2474 from their mobile and then follow the instructions.

Registration Through SMS

Write MME <space> CNIC Number Name and City and send it to 2474.

Online Registration Form submission method is also available

It is to be noted that the registration of Malamal Express is totally free but some culprits are looting people by making fake Facebook pages, sms messages and other methods. They ask people to purchase passes of show and then escape.

This show is hosting by several stars of the Pakistani showbiz industry starring Javeria Saud, Afzal Khan (Jan Rainbow) Barkat Ali and Uzm.

Cars, Gold Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Rikshaw, Motorcycles and Mobile Phones are major prices for participants of Malamal Express.