Dunya TV Ramzan Show Jashan e Ramzan By Aneeq Ahmed

Aneeq Ahmed to host Dunya TV’s Ramzan TransmissionAs we know that every media channel is playing their important role in the religious month of Ramzan as Dunya TV has also joined the race of Ramzan transmissions. Dunya TV is presenting Ramzan Show Jashan-e-Ramzan by Aneeq Ahmed who has a keen interest in religious ethics.

Dunya TV has brought their Jashan-e-Ramzan transmission where host Aneeq Ahmed will capture interest and attention of people through his hosting. He will present Sehar and Iftar live transmission with great energy. Jashan-e-Ramzan consists on different segments like hamd and naat competition, explanation of hadiths in the light of religious scholars, Islamic talks, Tilawat-e-Quran, distribution of numerous gifts among the audience and many more. Jashan-e- Ramzan will give opportunity to audience to discuss religious and various issues by the renowned and credible religious scholars.

Host Aneeq Ahmed will bring charm in this special transmission by his startling hosting and his attractive way of capturing attention. Aneeq Ahmed is also hosting morning show for Dunya TV which is successfully getting attention of viewers for the last two years. Aneeq Ahmed started his career in 1999 as he also worked for PTV, GEO and ARY channels and now he has been working with Dunya TV since 2011 where he is emphasizing on many important issues of life.

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  1. sapna ahmed says:

    where is registration form ?????


    Asalam o Alikum
    Kindly send to ramzan transmission passes i like program.


  3. Muhammad says:

    As Salam o alaikum
    Your program, Jashn e Ramzan, is very informative and I appreciate all the beneficial knowledge we gain from it. Unfortunately some ads that contain unislamic images are shown during interval and are inappropriate for this blessed month as well as for families. Kindly consider replacing or editing these ads.

  4. Muhammad Adeel says:

    kindly make a program on prices or raits

  5. Muhammad Adeel says:

    i love this program …
    excellent work.

  6. ASAD Naeem SHEIKH says:

    dear dunya me falij attacked i need 4 passes for my family. wants to come in ur ramzan program 0300 7069187

  7. Fazal says:

    Andrea Sahib
    I was watching ur programme at Shari yesterday on 22 June (Monday). There was a caller from Makkah and his comments were that prices of commodities in Saudi Arabia are always reduced to 50% in Ramzan and u accepted it by giving ur experience in buying ur waist coat in Pakistan. I have worked in SaudiArabia for 38 years and never observed the prices of commodities for common person reduced to 50% in Ramzan. I request u to very kindly confirm the comments before giving ur omments.

  8. Khurram Mustafa says:

    Aoa, sir hope u r doing gud,

    sir i would like to ask you about the name of my baby Girl, born on
    16th Jan, 2015, Friday 3.30 pm
    currently i have decided her name Leeza, basically its Liza but i have changed the spelling coz its on BATA shoe

    Leeza means: Dedicated for ALLAH
    should i continue or change because its in Hebrew language

  9. Ishaq Khan says:

    Assalam O Allaiqum,
    Main apkay show main apni family kay sath aana chahtaa hun.
    (Only 4-passes) Inayat hogee…0345-2289455

  10. nasar says:

    aneeq ahmed please give me Q mobile with any question

  11. adnan baloch says:

    sir assalam o allaiqum mei apkay show mei apni family ke 7 ana chahtaa hun plz 7 passes kar sakaen to apki badi inayat hogee aur mei ap ka payam e subh program buhat arsayy se deekh rahaa hun plz naa ummed mat kijiyeegaa

  12. adnan baloch says:

    sir assalam o allaiqum mei apkay show mei apni family ke 7 ana chahtaa hun plz 7 passes kar sakaen to apki badi inayat hogee…03312604936

  13. muhammad salman says:

    sir me apke show me ana chaht ta hu apni family plz give me pass
    sir i am waiting u for your response sir plzz bula lejeye ga plzz

  14. muhammad tanvir says:

    جناب انیق احمد صاحب بندہ نے گزشتہ دنوں آپکے پروگرام آزان مقابلہ مین حصہ لیا تھا اور لاہور والے راونڈ میں وڈیو اور آڈیو ریکاڈنگ کے لئے منتخب ہوا تھا مگر انتظامیہ کے معاملات کی وجہ سے آڈیو ریکارڈنگ کے بعد وڈیو ریکارڈنگ نہیں ہو سکی اس لئے آپ سے گزارش ہے کہ بندہ کی وڈیو ریکارڈنگ کروا کر آگے مقابلے میں بڑھنے کا موقع دیا جائے
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  15. uzma asif says:

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  16. uzma asif says:

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    contact us

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