Diriliş Ertuğruln is called Game of Thrones of the Muslim world, it is a Turkish drama series which gained popularity in multiple countries. Now the first season of Dirilis Ertugrul is being aired in Urdu from PTV Home under title ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’.

The drama was first aired on Turkish channel TRT 1 in 2014 and so far 5 seasons have been aired, with each season the popularity of the drama increased. Last year Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, indicated that the drama serial will be dubbed and released in Pakistan.


The drama serial revolves around the life of Ertugrul, who was the father of Osman I who later established the Ottoman Caliphate, a state which lasted more than 600 years.

The first season, Ertugrul Ghazi which is being aired on PTV originally consists of 26 episodes. It starts with showing the Kayi Tribe which has migrated from central Asia and settled in Anatolia where they are facing drought and famine they are planning to migrate.

Ertugrul is the son of Suleyman Shah, the leader of Kayi Tribe, who encounters crusaders and save a family from being prosecuted at the hands of Knight Templers. This results in a confrontation between the Kayi tribe and the Seljuk who rule the Anatolia.

The episodes will reveal how Ertugrul goes to Aleppo seeking permission from the Sultan for migration and land, how the saving of the prisoners starts problems between Seljuk and Kayi Tribe and how power struggle within the Kayi tribe plays its role.


Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 will air daily from 1st Ramazan at 9 PM, each episode will be aired from 9 to 10 PM in the night and then repeat telecast will be aired twice each day, firstly at 12 am and then on 12 PM on the next day.


The first season of drama serial Ertugrul Ghazi features the following Turkish celebrities:

  • Engin Altan Düzyatan as Ertuğrul Gazi
  • Serdar Gökhan as Suleyman Shah
  • Hülya Korel Darcan as Hayme Hatun
  • Kaan Taşaner as Gündoğdu Bey
  • Esra Bilgiç as Halime Sultan
  • Arda Anarat as Dündar Bey
  • Kerem Bekişoğlu as Savcı Bey
  • Emre Üçtepe as Osman Gazi
  • Barış Bağcı as Bayju Noyan
  • Gönül Nagiyeva as Alangoya
  • Hüseyin Özay as Korkut Bey        
  • Uğur Güneş        as Tuğtekin Bey              
  • Kaptan Gürman as Geyikli            
  • Osman Soykut as Ibn Arabi
  • Murat Garipağaoğlu as Sa’d al-Din Köpek
  • Cengiz Coşkun as Turgut Alp
  • Hande Subaşı as Aykız Hatun      
  • Didem Balçın as Selcan Hatun
  • Burcu Kıratlı as Gökçe Hatun      
  • Diler Ozturk as Alptekin Bey       
  • Hakan Vanlı as Kurdoğlu Bey
  • Mehmet Çevik as Deli Demir      
  • Celal Al as Abdur Rahman Alp    
  • Nurettin Sönmez as Bamsi Beyrek           
  • Cavit Çetin Güner as Doğan Alp 
  • Hande Soral as İlbilge Hatun       
  • Mehmet Emin Inci as Emir El-Aziz

It is expected that other seasons of the drama serial will also be dubbed and aired on PTV Home.