Karachi: Government of Sindh has not given permission to Syed Noor to work outdoor in Karachi. Director Syed Noor decided to make his movie in Karachi but he got disappointed by the decision of Government of Sindh. Noor is going to move Lahore for the making of his movie “Bhai Wanted”. New and old actors have been selected by Syed Noor for his movie.

Syed has announced in Karachi Union Of journalist (KUJ) that he is making his new movie “Bhai Wanted”.  Director Syed has told the journalist about the story of his movie that he wants to show the circumstances of Karachi in his movie. Not only the positive image of Karachi but also the problems of Karachi he expressed. Many young faces have been selected by Syed Noor in his movie to encourage the youngsters to join film industry.

Syed NoorSyed Noor is one of the most popular directors of Pakistan. He has made several movies and got a lot of fame. There is not any best director in Pakistan who works like Syed. He has always made good movies and got a lot of success in Pakistan.