Director Amin Iqbal has told media that women is respectable in every Relation, she must pay honor of herself, that’s the message we have tried to give through “Mairi Dulari.” Lessons of patience & tolerance & pay care to other fellow people tried to cover in “Mairi Dulari” he was talking to media here in Karachi.

“Mairi Dulari “has been presented from Geo TV, she revealed that Drama has been shoot in Summer but all the artist were dressed in winter Attire, it’s the need of story and professionalism of the artist that they have cooperated in shooting as per the need, he also told that it was his first experience and it goes excellent, all actors worked really well.

She added that it’s the story of Society, which reveals that those people who lives alone in the society & what attitude society has adopt with them……we also tried to cover that woman is honorable in each relation and she must be someone’s love as well, Women should be honorable to herself society must pay high regards to woman.

We have made this drama so that it could touch every one approach, many juniors & seniors performed in serial and everyone has perform his fullest, He has praised Yumna’s Role in the serial, He added that this serial has based on two girls who grown up in different Scenarios, but drama has some twist as well, Saba Hameed ,Yumna Zaidi, Manzoor Qureshi were some of the many, who performed in the Drama.”Mairi Dualri” can be watched at 8 PM Every Night from Geo TV.