The first and ancestral home of actor Dilip KumarThe first and ancestral home of actor Dilip Kumar is in great demand as the recent owner of this house Akram Ullah wants to sell this house in Rs. 80 Million. The house which is situated at Peshawar’s Qissa Khwani Bazaar is a 4-Marla house which was demanded to Rs. 35 million by the owner before the declaration of national heritage.

According to the further details, provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was willing to buy this house in order to rebuild and renovate the ancestral home of Dilip Kumar in Rs. 20 million before its declaration to be a national heritage. Owner of this house, Akram Ullah is taking advantage of this house and demanded Rs. 80 Million as it has become the most demanded house after termed as national heritage of Pakistan. With respect to the statement of an official of the KP Culture Department that government has warned Akram Ullah that they even do not need to pay money for this house as it is now a national heritage so these tricks and actions will not work for him.

Secretary General of Cultural Heritage Council, Shakeel Waheed Ullah also notified that KP government is permitted to take the house with respect to the reasonable price according to the Pakistan’s 18th Amendment. However, it has also become the duty of provincial government of Peshawar now to renovate the house as soon as possible.