Dilfareb-Drama‘Dilfareb’ drama is going to start from Geo TV which is a project of A&B productions. The story is a typical love triangle portraying feelings of love, jealousy and happiness. The lead role is played by talented actor Omair Rana as Zain who is a charming person and is in search for true love and soulmate. Coincidently he meets a girl Natasha whose character is played by Alia Rebeca Butt and thinks that she is his ideal but she gives wrong information about herself.

Zain tries to find her but all in vain and he gets disappointed. As the story continues he meets Dr. Gul Bakht whose character is played by versatile actress Mira Sethi whom he propose on his mother’s wish. The story of ‘Dilfareb’ revolves around Zain and Dr. Gul Bakht along with Natasha who originally misguided Zain. The Drama is Directed by Amin Iqbal and written by legendary Zafar Miraj.

A&B productions has produced many hit dramas and upcoming drama ‘Dilfareb’ is one of them. Its cast include Ghulam Mohiuddin, Omair Rana, Alia Rebbeca Butt, Mira Sethi, Zainab Qayyum, Saba Hameed, Jana Malik and others. Geo TV has followed its tradition of showing serials with different story and powerful cast.