Dil-Nahi-MantaA new drama serial Dil Nahi Manta is all set to start very soon only on ARY Digital in which audiences will be able to see talented actors and actress of Pakistan such as Emaad Irfani , Sara Khan , Amna Ilyas , Javed Sheikh , Rubina Ashra, Seemi Pasha , Saif e Hasan , Gul e Rana , Salma Hasan and Others. Dil Nahi Manta is directed by Mohammad Iftikhar Iffi, written by Seema Ghazal and produced by IDream Entertainment.

The young and talented stars Emaad Irfani, Sara Khan and Amna Ilyas will appear in a lead role as the story of the drama revolves around the trio of them. Drama serial Dil Nahi Manta will describe the feelings of two girls who are in love with the same guy Emaad Irfani (Uzaifa). On the other hand, Seemi Pasha and Rubina Ashraf will play a character of sisters of each other as Sarah Khan will be the daughter of Seemi Pasha whereas Emaad Irfaani will be the son of Rubina Ashraf.

Actor Emaad Irfani will be a confuse man who will not able to select one girl over other as Dil Nahi Manta is full of twist and turns which will stick audiences to the screen. Dil Nahi Manta is expected to on-air in the end of October.