Daily Times logoHigher management of Daily Times, an English Newspaper has laid of its Resident editor along with seven reporters. According to the sources Fasih ur Rehman was fired in the first week of March after a row with Rashid Rahman (an editor) in Lahore. While the seven reporters who were stationed in Islamabad were also fired as they were on strike against the dismissal of the Resident editor.

The sources informed us that the reporters at Islamabad were ordered to continue their work as their contracts were about to expire. Management announced renewal of contracts. All the reporters were doing the work as per routine until the matter of termination of the resident editor arose sending all the reporters on strike against the termination. Their strike produced no fruits except that they received termination letters instead of renewed annual contracts.

All the reporters of Islamabad station were sacked, now only one reporter remains who is working there, he is considered to be a close friend of Rashid Rehman. Fasih ur Rehman and the majority of the laid off reporters switched to Daily Times in March last year, earlier they were working with ‘The Nation’.