Daily_AusafInternational Urdu language newspaper, Daily Ausaf Newspaper is going to launch Karachi Edition. This new edition of Daily Ausaf Newspaper for the biggest city of Pakistan will be launched on 29th February 2016. The management of the newspaper has decided to launch Karachi edition on this unique date, as 29th February comes after 4 years. Before the launching of the newspaper in Karachi, senior staff member of Daily Ausaf told Pakistan Media Updates that the newspaper will focus on Pakistani ideology and Islamic views. He told that the norms and traditional values of Pakistan will be particularly focused by the newspaper.

Daily Ausaf was inaugurated on the 25th December 1997 from Islamabad and it had become one of the most popular daily newspapers of the federal capital. Due to its content and dedicated team, Daily Ausaf was also launched internationally in 2011, from Frankfurt and then editions of different national and international cities were released including Lahore, Multan, Muzaffarabad, Gilgit, Peshawar and different European countries. Today, Daily Ausaf has become the first priority of the majority of Pakistani nationals living in European countries.

It is to be noted that the Chief Editor of Daily Ausaf Newspaper is Mehtab Khan, while Editor is Mohsin Bilal Khan.