In above lines, we have amply clarified that the audiovisual channels always prove more effective and apparently  register highest retention, whereas the aural presentation retains longer and durable effects as compared with the print alone. From the prevailing rate of literacy of 26% only in pakistan and similarly in other developing  states and from the semi literate or less intelligent persons poinnt of view, the aural channels have been acclaimed superior to the printed presentation.

This fact especially holds good in case of mentally retarded persons. Visual presentation suits best to literate persons or persons of exceptional intelligence. as far as retention is concerned. Visual presentation is best suited for the complex or complicated material. Visual channels face a number of difficulties and hardships. which may be termed as physical as well as non – physical barriers, such as lack of railroads, roads, and other means of communication which cause serious hurdles an the why of effective communication through printed words i.e. newspapers, magazines and books etc.

Moreover lack of literacy is another reason for the un-popularity of print media as compared to the audio media,  i.e radio, T.V. film and face-to-face discourse.