cup sets in cafeEMAAN SERVICES is the Overseas Employment promoter. They require waiters for well known coffee shops and restaurant such as K.F.C & Mcdonalds etc. The EMAAN SERVICES always provides to endorse employment of professionals, greatly trained, experienced, and un-skilled manpower in foreign countries. In completion of its permission, the Corporation contains given more than 1,28,000 workers so far to foreign employers in the public and private sector from 53 dissimilar countries of the world.

Waiter Criteria:

The person should serve the customer as they want. He should be quick enough to handle all the customers. He knows how to be always smiling with customers. He is used to writing down their orders because customers want foods as they ordered before. He should have tolerance to deal with customers. Never disagree with customer. A person knows his limits.

If you consider yourself to be entitled for this job then you may send your resume to

Contact Numbers:

Cell: 0321-2798182,

Tel: 021-35893693,

PES: 22291

EPL No. 3281/KAR/2013