Chef Maedha Rahat Ali Biography And Cooking Specialty

Chef Maida rahat Chef Maedha Rahat Ali is the famous cooking expert of Pakistan; she is the daughter of the famous chef Rahat. Maedha is the youngest chef of Pakistan and she is sharing her 5 years experience with viewers. She is doing her cooking show on ARY Zauq name “Home Cooking”. Maedha learned cooking from Singapore.

Chef Maedha is good at cooking and famous for cooking Thai food. Chef is also good at cutting the vegetables. In spite of being a young she is getting a lot of progress as other Chefs are getting. Her program is extremely liked by the viewers and viewers also make calls in her program in order to request to cook food of their desires. Maedha has a lot of instant recipes, which also help us to save our time.

Chef Maedha won the heart of audience; women also try her dishes at home. Chef Maedha and her mother Rahat are the best chef of Pakistan. Maedha style of wearing scarf on her head is also famous in audience. She looks good, while wearing scarf. Her all dishes are quite tasty and also look good after the beautiful decoration of Maedha.

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  1. Saima Jameel says:

    Chef Maedha rahat ali looks good with scarf that represents modesty. However, her full make up on face represents modern. Head scarf represents cover and make up represents revealing. Chef Maedha is confidently wearing scarf like her mother unlike all other chefs that do not. She needs to focus on being herself. She should not put on any make up as that will give a clear and better picture of Maedha. Make up and scarf do not go together. Maedha rahat ali should follow footsteps of her mother who does not put on make up and also wears professional chef coat alongwith head scarf. That is a proper way. Some viewers comment on her scarf as a good thing however some do not think that scarf looks good with full face make up. Maedha should not wear make up with scarf. Both scarf and make up comments about Maedha are right. It needs to be corrected. Sincerely…

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