Chef Arif DawoodChef Arif Dawood is the the most expert cook of Pakistan. He has the ability to cook all kinds of dishes like Indian, Thai, Pakistani, Chinese, Mexican, Italian and he is also expert in making beverages. Chef got 18 years experience of cooking and he did job in different food institution and hotel industry of different countries.

Chef Dawood brings the different taste in ordinary dishes like pulses and vegetables. People get bored while eating the same taste in dishes; chef has the ability to cook the same food in different style. His all recipes are healthy, tasty and spicy too, viewers try his recipes at home. His instant recipes are also famous in people. We can cook tasty dishes in very short time, while watching his instant recipes.

Dawood’s program comes on ARY Zauq “Daal Sabzi” and extremely liked by food lovers. People love to try his dishes at home and women are getting lots of experience of cooking by watching his program. He is the master of cooking and there is no doubt that he is one of the best Chef of Pakistan.