Anika AtifChef Anika Atif has lots of recipes according to the events, whether which is tea or coffee time or dinner. She has the solution of all problems of the women regarding home chores. Chef Anika is also called Neeku. Aneeka was selected by Masala channel for hosting the dessert show “Temptations”

Anika won the competition of second annual premier of the chef at home cooking competition. She always receives good feedback, not only from her family but also by the viewers regarding cooking. She is keenly interested in cooking and always thinks about cooking, she also enjoys table setting and taking pictures of her food. According to the chef her mother supported her a lot in cooking and would encourage her.

Chef Anika started to work in cooking show, when she was about to complete her BBA in marketing in Karachi, her mother gave her advice to join Masala TV and then she sent her CV to Masala channel. She was called there for an interview and she was selected by Masala channel. She spent her childhood in Nigeria and then she moved to UK after getting married before moving to Dubai earlier this year.