Bushra AnsariBushra Ansari is a popular Pakistani television presenter, actress, singer, comedian and play writer. 61 year old Bushra Ansari is one of the most experienced and talented artists of Pakistani showbiz industry. She had appeared in many comedy dramas and programs on the Pakistani media industry and is widely known for her unique style of presentation. Multitalented actress had proved herself as the most dedicated and talented artists of the showbiz industry and have millions of fans in not only Pakistan but also in other parts of the world including India and Bangladesh.

Acting and Hosting Career

Bushra Ansari had started her career in 1960’s as a child artist and performed in many popular serials on Pakistan Television (PTV), which was the only channel in the country at that time. While her first appearance on the television was from popular children’s music program “Kaliyon Ki Maala”, in which she had performed as a singer, when she was just nine year old. After that Busra Ansari was selected for widely known Farooq Qaisers popular puppet program Kaliyaan and she had worked as a voice over artist for the character of “Sharmeeli”.

Later on, she had appeared in number of most popular comedy serials of Pakistan Television like Angan Terha, Show Time, Emergency Ward, Show Sha, Rang Tarang and many others including Fifty Fifty. In 1983, Bushra Ansari had performed in famous comedy talk show by legendary writer Anwar Maqsood and had been appeared in different roles.

[alert style=”white”]Her Bijli character is widely known and appreciated by the people in the program Show Sha, written by Anwar Maqsood. [/alert]

Despite of her comedy roles, Bushra Ansari had first appeared in the serious drama of Pakistan Television, Rishtay Aur Rastay”, in 1978 and her husband who was her friend at that time, had encouraged her to act in that serial. During the era of 80’s and 90’s, Bushra Ansari had worked in several popular serials and programs and has gained lots of appreciation by the viewers for her unmatchable performance. She had ruled on the television industry as a comedy actress for about four decades.

When the private television channels launched for the first time in Pakistan, during 2000, Bushra Ansari started working for them. Her first television drama film Meharun Nisa, on any private channel of the country, was telecasted from Indus TV in 2004, in which she played a role of Zainab. After that, she had been acted in many popular comedy and serious serials like Makan, Gambled Daughter, Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat, Takkay Ki Ayegi Baraat, Mera Naseeb, Bilqees Kaur, Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat and many others including Meray Dard Ko Zubaan Miley.

Modelling Career

Despite of her successful acting and hosting career, Bushra Ansari had also done modelling for several clothing brands of the country. She had also revealed once that she had also performed as a model on ramps and done catwalk. In 2009, Bushra Ansari also appeared in leading multinational diapers brand with her daughter Meera Ansari. However, Bushra Ansari had also worked as a model in Shafqat Amanat Ali’s video album Kohram.

Film Career

Bushra Ansari had started her film career with the telefilm Abhi To Main Jawan Hun, released under the banner of Tarang Houseful in 2013. While her 2 other movies are under the final process to complete which are Jawani Phir Nhi Ani and Ho Mann Jahan. Both the films will be releasing this year.

Writing Career

Bushra Ansari is also a very good script writer and had written many popular television serials. Neeli Dhoop was the first script she had written and later on many dramas written by her including Makan, Kuch Dil Ne Kaha and Dil Hai Chota Sa, have been famous.

Achievements and Awards

Due to her outstanding performance in all the field for which she had worked, Bushra Ansari had several times appreciated by the millions of viewers. Bushra Ansari has also an honour to receive Pride of Performance Award from General Parvez Musharraf. However she had also received Nigar Awards, Lux Style Awards, Graduate Awards and Lifetime Achievement Awards from different Pakistani channels including Pakistani Television (PTV) and Hum TV.

Personal Details

Bushra Ansari was born on 15th May, 1954 in Gujranwala, Pakistan and had completed her graduation from Viqar un Nisa College for Women, Rawalpindi. Her father Ahmad Bashir was also a popular writer, journalist and film director. In 1978, Bushra Ansari tied her knot with television producer Iqbal Ansari and had two daughters Meera Ansari and Nariman Ansari. Her sister Asma Abbas is also a popular actress of Pakistani television industry and had performed in several famous serials.

How to Contact Bushra Ansari?

Official email address of Busra Ansari is “bushransari01@gmail com”, while she is also active on Skype with the name “bushra_ansari56”.