Bol Forced TransmissionAfter almost one month of its test transmission, Bol News has started “Forced Transmission” from first Ramzan as a protest on proclaimed injustice against the channel. It had been planned previously that the channel which was claimed to be the largest news channel of Pakistan will start its regular transmission on 1st Ramzan but the government had not allowed the channel to do so after Axact scandal. Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) had stopped the channel to launch its regulator transmission after receiving a letter from the Ministry of Information.

Anchors of Bol News have given the clarification of this Forced Transmission by saying that the government and other media owners have taken their rights freedom of expression and that’s why they are not able to start the regular transmission. However FIA had previously claimed that they are investigating the scandal of fake degrees on Axact and if the regular transmission is allowed to the channel, it could effect the investigations.

On the other hand, the protests of employees of Bol and Axact are still continues and they have demanded the government to unfreeze the bank accounts so that they would be able to receive their salaries which have not paid yet.