Bol SalariesEmployees of Bol News gets the partial salaries after waiting for two months. The sources of Bol News have said that the employees have been paid one month partial salary and the management of the channel have promised that remaining dues will be given to them after Eid. According to the sources of Bol News, the employees have been paid from 25 to 40 percent of their one month salary, so that they could celebrate the religious festival of Eid.

Employees have been paid the percentage of the salaries according to their pay scales and maximum 40 percent amount is paid to low salary employees. Previously, the management of the channel have decided to clear all the dues of employees before Eid but they are waiting for the verdict of court on freeze bank accounts of Bol Network. Next date for the hearing of Axact fake degree case is 6th August and management of the channel is hoping that the ceased bank accounts will be released after that.

It is to be stated that previously, Bol News employees have not been paid the salaries from 2 months and PFUJ and other journalist organizations have protested to un-freeze bank accounts so that employees can be paid their salaries.