Ibrahim RajaSenior journalist and Bureau Chief of Bol News has resigned from the channel and joined Dunya News as Bureau Chief Islamabad. According to the sources of Pakistani media industry, Ibrahim Raja had some serious concerns over the delayed salaries issue from the management of the channel. The sources told that Information Minister had assured the PFUJ and the protestors that the salaries of the Bol employees would be paid if they file a petition in the court, but the management of the channel didn’t filed any petition. Ultimately, Ibrahim Raja resigned from the channel as a protest against non payments.

Ibrahim Raja had started his journalism career in 2003 as a Sub Editor from Radio Pakistan and later on, he joined Geo News as a Sub Editor. Due to his outstanding performance and dedication towards his work, he was promoted as a Press Editor and was sent to Dubai. In 2010, Ibrahim Raja left Geo News and joined Samaa TV as a Bureau Chief, Islamabad. After his association with Samaa TV for around 5 years, he joined Bol News as Executive Vice President and Bureau Chief Islamabad.

It is to be stated that we have previously reported that Bol News is facing internal conspiracy, however after the resignation of Ibrahim Raja, it is confirmed that the management of the channel is not interested in resolving issues.