Recently actress turned singer Ayesha Omar won the Lux Style Award for Best Album. After this award many started criticizing Ayesha Omar’s voice and were of the view that there are many other singers who are far better than Ayesha but it was quite strange decision by jury members at Lux Style Awards.

Famous singer Sajjad Ali, Sajid and Zeeshan and Usman Riaz were also nominated for this award but they remain unsuccessful to win this award. On twitter many people criticized Ayesha Omar and Lux Style Award and were of the view that there are still many good singers than Ayesha.

Ayesha Omar after winning the award said: “I am extremely thrilled to have won,” She added: “I worked extremely hard on this album and I guess all the hard work paid off.” Ayesha Omar also said that she never expected to win this award. Ayesha also said that Sajjad Ali, Sajid and Zeeshan are inspiration to her and source of motivation.

This award was given after voting therefore Ayesha won the award as she has lot of fans because of her blockbuster sitcom Bulbulay which airs on ARY Digital and is very popluar among Pakistani audience.