In the first week of March Ayesha Khan revealed her departure from Pakistan Media industry, now she revealed her engagement and indicated that soon she will be getting married.

She shared an image with her fiancé saying that she got engaged last year and soon they will start a new life by getting married.

Her fiancé is Major Uqbah Hadeed who the glamorous Ayesha Khan knows from past 7 years. She also said that their marriage and wedding event will be a small family event. She requested privacy for her personal life and marriage.

Maj Uqbah and Ayesha Khan are getting married on 15th April.

She didn’t disclose details of their marriage ceremony, seems it will be a family event just like her engagement which became known only after she disclosed it through instagram. But people are saying that they are getting married on 15th April.


When she announced her departure from showbiz she indicated ‘Moving to next phase’. Her fans & colleague wished her best luck and now they are surprised on the news of her engagement.