Viqas AtiqViqas Atiq is the Vice Chairman and COO (Co- Founder) of Axact and Pakistan largest media group BOL. He has worked with full devotion to take the company to new and higher levels. He gains strong business acumen and broad vision. He is the vital person in taking new steps and is with Axact since its inception.

He has a powerful visionary force and bought new opportunities for the growth of company. He is also responsible for managing team and its training to make them meet new challenges. He is the leading person behind setting goals for the company and also determining ways to achieve them. His planning and straitening skills have been beneficial for Axact to grow and reach never imagined heights.

Mr. Viqas Atiq believes in strong determination to achieve any goal. He foot stepped into the IT Industry when Pakistan was still waking up for its potential. In the past year he has worked tirelessly for BOL’s mundane and identified its role in uplifting Pakistan’s economy. He did not hesitated to surpass his knowledge to new employees and teaching other Axatians his skills. Mr. Viqas Atiq has strong leadership skills and is result oriented.

Axact has claimed to be world’s leading IT Company. The company started in 1997 from a single room office. With the passage of time keeping in view the potential of IT it made a revolution in software products of Pakistan.

Now Axact is working across 6 continents, 120 countries and 1,300 cities around the globe with more than 25000 employees of different fields. The company offers 23 products all around the world with more than two billion users worldwide. BOL consists of all platforms like Television, Digital media, Print Media, Cinemas and Movies, Theatre and Radio.

Till 2019 they have planned to socio economically develop Pakistan in giving standardized health facilities, quality education, hygienic and affordable food, to provide shelter and make judicial assistance available for everyone. In Sindh they have also initiated a step to provide justice to everyone with its project called Insaaf in Sindh.