According to the actress Veena Malik she did the biggest mistake of her life, having attended the morning show of Shaista Lodhi “Utho Jago Pakistan”. Actress Veena apologized for her mistake. Veena Malik also decided to cancel her marriage program in Islamabad. Actress Veena is repenting, having come in Shaista’s show.

Host Shaista Lodhi tried to make fun of Islam in her morning show. She tried compare Veena Malik with the daughter of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him), Hazrat Zahra and tried to compare Hazrat Ali with Asad Bashir. PEMRA (Pakistan electronic media Regulatory Authority) gave notice to GEO for this program and further said that they got more than 5000 complains about this program.

veena malik with husband in utho jago pakistanAccording to PEMRA channels are not allowed to show these kinds of contents, which are against of Islam. Muslims condemn Shaista Lodhi for using such kinds of mischievous words in her morning show. Our hosts should think about that, they are Muslims and they should think before speak any mischievous kinds of words. Host Shaista is considered to be the most dislike personality for showing such kinds of contents in her program.