ary filmsThe upcoming 2015 Film Festival will be hosted by ARY Group. ARY films had made its place in the Pakistani market after the success of ARY Network ARY Films is also pacing up to reach new standards. The festival is expected to be up to the International standards. The recent success of their cinematic productions has contributed in their newly acquired fame. The Film Festival will provide the experts with the platform to meet and exchange creative ideas.

The Film Festival will be hopefully will contribute to the betterment of Pakistani film Industry. The healthy competition surely is better for the production houses themselves. The film makers will gather long with the artists to discuss new creative ideas. ARY Films is putting the efforts to make this event a global event but the security issues in Pakistan are a barrier. The recent hits of ARY Films like Waar and Main Hoon Shahid Afridi really are commendable. The upcoming ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Ani’ which will be released later this year is expected to attract more viewers.

Film Festivals are organized in Pakistan in a lower frequency in fact in a much lower frequency as compared to other International festivals held in other countries. The upcoming film festival will screen not only main stream movies but independent movies too both of local and foreign film makers. Expectations are high from the upcoming event as the Pakistani Industry is on the fast track towards betterment.