chai wala nida yasir showI don’t know if you guys saw this episode that was going live yesterday where Nida Yasir featured the recent Internet sensation, Arshad Khan. Actually, I saw the repeat telecast of this and was expecting that she would be doing something sensible this time, but as usual, disappointed.

I want you guys to check out what she did with him on this show and I’m pretty sure that you’ll get that on YouTube. Throughout the show, she was constantly making him feel conscious and embarrassed. She was referring him as ‘chaiwala, chaiwala’ instead of his name and was constantly asking him questions that was making him feel uncomfortable.

Then she even asked him to make ‘tea’ for people on sets because he’s a #chaiwala in real but got popular on Internet haphazardly.

When all that happened, she asked him to pose for selfie with her but it was quite obvious that he was feeling shy and awkward (knowing from where he belongs) and he even said that ‘main pose nai karega and all’ so constant throughout the show, Nida was trying to make fun of him. Also, she announced that she will allow every ‘girl’ on the set to have a selfie with Arshad that made him more uncomfortable, like what the actual fu**.

And cherry on top, knowing that he was an uneducated tea guy, she was using English with him and he was constantly making faces as if he was finding hard to understand what she actually meant. What a shit episode that was.

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