Lahore: Noureed Awan the ex husband of famous singer Annie Khalid has given divorced to his second wife Sataesh Khan as well. His second wife Sataesh has said that her sisters in laws expelled her from their house. Sataesh’s family is being threatened by her in laws; due to this Sataesh’s family has to leave their home. Actress has told that having deceived her, Noureed got married to her.

I married to him a year back and he asked me to give 2500,000 (Meher) and 10 tolas gold, he forced me to go with him to Dubai, Sataesh said. She has further said that Noureed got arrested as soon as we got Dubai airport in fraud case. Noureed Awan has been in jail, since then. After this I was living alone in Dubai but my in laws mistreated me and send me back to Pakistan for taking care of their mother, former actress expressed.

sataesh khan
Sataesh Khan with Noureed Awan at time of marriage

[alert style=”white”] When Sataesh complained her husband about the cruelty of his family, her husband gave her divorce; nevertheless she was taking care of his mother. Her husband gave her second divorce on phone call. [/alert]

Sataesh was expelled again from the house of Lahore by her sister in law Munazza .Due to a lot of violence, Sataesh has come back to her parent’s home. I and my siblings are being threatened by my in laws, actress said. Not only they are threatening but also they have said that they have send killer from Abbottabad to kill her. If I and my family will be affected, Noureed family will be responsible for this. Actress has registered FIR against her husband as well.

Here is Sataesh Status on Facebook on this issue.

Sataesh khan fb statusNoureed initially announced to open an air company and got married to singer Annie and after divorced her, he married to actress Sataesh. According to Sataesh Noureed is in jail these days.