AlamgirPopular and versatile pop singer of Pakistan Alamgir is going for a kidney transplant in the upcoming days. According to the media reports, both the kidneys of Alamgir have been removed in the hospital of Atlanta, United States. Alamgir had been on the dialysis for the past several years but in the recent months, he was facing physical complications due to kidney failure. Cross matching for his kidney transplant is going on and will be conducted in the same hospital of US after some days.

While talking to Pakistani newspaper, wife and the son of Alamgir said that the Pakistani nation has always blessed Alamgir with their love and prayers and he needs more prayers nowadays to overcome from his illness. They have asked the whole Pakistani nation to pray for him as much as they can so that he would be able to defeat his illness.

Pop singer Alamgir was born in 1995, in Shanti Nagar, Dhaka and he is the son of Fawwad ul Haq, leader of All India Muslim League. He came to Pakistan at the age of 15 and started his singing career and he is considered as the founder of pop music in Pakistan. The last performance of Alamgir was in Karachi at Family Festival, where he had performed with Shehzad Roy.