Ahsan KhanOne of the most popular artists of Pakistani showbiz industry Ahsan Khan will host “Noor e Ramzan” transmission on Hum TV during the Holy month of Ramzan. The widely watched entertainment has announced that Ahsan Khan will remain the host of their Ramzan transmission this year. Hum TV has also released the promo of show in which Ahsan Khan has announced different segments of Ramzan transmission. Baab-e-Quran, Sirat-e-Mustaqeem, Mehfil-e-Hamd o Naat and many other segments will be the part of Noor e Ramzan on Hum Television Network.

Famous Naat Khuwan and Sana Khuwan will be participated in the transmission including Farhan Ali, Siddique Ismail and many others. However Aalim’s and Mufti’s from different sects will also participated in the transmission on the daily basis as the guest to answer different religious questions.

Cooking show will be also a part of the program in which different delicious dishes will be prepared for the viewers. Participants of the show can also win several expensive gifts including cars, motorcycles and mobile phones.

Last year, Ahsan Khan had hosted the Ramzan transmission along with another famous religious scholar and host Junaid Iqbal on Hum TV, but this year Ahsan Khan will hosted the show alone because Junaid Iqbal will host the Ramzan transmission on A-Plus with Abrar ul Haq

Registration method of Noor e Ramzan transmission has not been announced yet but it will be announced by Hum TV soon.