Adnan SiddiquiKarachi: Pakistani TV Dramas are getting popularity day by day at Indian channels due to which Pakistani artists are also receiving recognition in India too. Similarly, the well-known TV actor Adnan Siddiqui got an interesting experience with his family in a shopping mall at Dubai where Indian boys and girls gave him tremendous response.

According to the details, TV actor Adnan Siddiqui was surrounded by his Indian fans who took photos with him and received autographs of him in a Dubai shopping mall. It is pertinent to mention that Adnan Siddiqui’s famous dramas Maat, Mere Qatil and Mere Dildar are on-aired on Indian channels these days in which Adnan’s work was highly appreciated. When Adnan Siddiqui was approached about this, he confirmed the incident by saying that “I am delighted to see that my dramas are getting recognition and appreciation in India”.

[alert style=”white”]I have received many offers to work in Indian films as I have rejected a film offer of one of the large organization of India four months ago, Adnan told.[/alert] Actor Adnan further told that director Shanu Sharma wants to give him a role of villain in his upcoming film. While telling about his work outside from the border, Adnan said that he and Indian actor Irfan Khan has worked with Angelina Jolie in the Hollywood film several years ago. I will work in India on my own terms and conditions with equality, Adnan commented.