Zara SheikhLahore: Pakistani actress Zara Sheikh is not willing to attend the advertising campaign of her Indian movie “Honor Killing”. Director of this movie Avtar Bhogal is quite upset for this. He said that Hari Singh, Manmohan Singh and I invited her for this event, but actress Zara did not give any response.

Avtar Bhogal further said that all casts of this movie are coming in this event, except Zara. According to him this movie has become the product and its publicity is necessary. All Bollywood stars take part in the advertising campaign for their movie, he expressed. This is very necessary for the actors to take part in the advertising event of their movie. Actress Zara should attend this event as well. Her harsh behavior could be harmful for her.

Zara is a Pakistani model, actress and singer has done some movies and commercials as well. Film “Honor Killing” is the first project of her in Bollywood. Avtar Bhogal was looking for a new face for his movie and he casted Zara for his movie.