Sumbul IqbalSumbul Iqbal is the name of young talent of Pakistan who is tremendously making her name in the showbiz industry without any links of her family with showbiz. Just only in 3 years, actress Sumbul Iqbal has emerged as a rising star of Pakistani drama industry while taking different challenges in order to show her acting capabilities. She is one of the few artists of Pakistani television industry who knows how to perform in different characters and adapted themselves in the role. Being an actress and model, Sumbul has never refused any type of role due to difficulties and accepted all the roles with smile.

Actress Sumbul was born on 30th August in Karachi and debuted in the showbiz industry with drama serial Tahir-e-Lahoti. She is best known for her roles in dramas “Roag” and “Mera Khuwab Reza Reza” in which her work was highly appreciated by the audiences. Actress who has all ingredients to become a top actress of showbiz did not plan to become an actress as it was all about coincidence. When she was 19 years old, Sumbul got an opportunity to make her debut in industry and until now she is working back to back.

In 2012, Sumbul Iqbal had performed in the comedy drama “Raju Rocket”, written by Imran Ali Safer and broadcasted on Hum Television Network. She had performed in that serial in a leading role with her co-star Danish Taimoor and her brilliant piece of acting had been appreciated so much by the viewers. Sumbul Iqbal has the ability to perform in any type of role and she has proved herself as a multitalented actress. Dedication towards her work and hardworking makes Sumbul different from other young actress of the showbiz industry.

Sumbul Iqbal who believes that her confidence is her key of strength had worked in different roles in drama serials Tahzeeb, Baiman, Kuch Khuwab Hain Mere, Kuch Kami Si Hai and many more. Actress has 2 sisters and she loves to spend quality time with her family when she is free. Nadeem Baig and Tauqir Naseer are Sumbul’s favorite actors as well as she also adores Uzma Gillani and film star Rani. The favorite singers of Sumbul Iqbal are Hadiqa Kiyani and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. She would love to become a Banker as she did not adopt acting as her career.

Sumbul Iqbal had also performed in the telefilm Babu Jee Dheeray Chalna, broadcasted from Geo Television Network and performed very well in that. She loved to watch films in cinemas and choose the movie according to her mood, but mostly she watch thriller and art movies. Sumbul Iqbal also watch different television shows but only the programs and shows which contains something interesting and informative. Desi spicy food is the favourite of Sumbul Iqbal however she also tries Chinese food sometimes for a little change in her taste. Sumbul Iqbal loves to spend her holidays in Italy, as she is very much inspired by its beauty and wonderful environment.

Last year, Sumbul Iqbal had played a leading role in the drama serial “Shab-e-Zindagi, on-aired from Hum Television. It was produced by a famous producer of Pakistani television industry, Abdullah Kadwani and written by Rukhsana Nigar. Shab-e-Zindagi got popularity from its initial episodes just because of its powerful story and brilliant performance by Sumbul Iqbal in a leading role of a girl named “Maryam”. Few months ago, Sumbul had also performed in drama serial Tum Se Mil Kay, telecasted on ARY News and was one of the most viewed drama of that time.

Sumbul Iqbal had been widely appreciated several times due to her outstanding modeling and acting performance. In 2013, Sumbul Iqbal had received Hum Award for Best Actress Soap. Nowadays, she is working on several new projects and is hopeful for the success of her upcoming work on the television. However, she has recently revealed that she is tired of playing a role of crying girl and wants some change to replace her impression on the viewers.