There is news that Pakistani actress Sanam Saeed got engagement. But according to the actress she has already been engaged and the recent event was her Nikah ceremony. Actress Sanam Saeed is the most famous Pakistani actress and model, she worked in several dramas of Pakistan and also doing modeling. She is quite perfect in the field of acting and modeling.

Sanam started her career from modeling, her height and figure is quite suitable for modeling, it seems that she is made just for modeling. But she also looks good in dramas. She did a wonderful job in drama “Zindagi Gulzar Hai.”She started her screen career from the drama “Daam” in 2010. Model Sanam also did good work in her drama “Kadurat”, actress did negative role in this drama and she got a lot of appreciation for her good acting.

Actress made her name in very short time by her wonderful performance. Actress started her film career in 2013 in “Dil Mera Dharkan Teri” with a supporting role. Actress Sanam is a British Pakistani actress she was born in London on 30 November 1985 and then she moved to Pakistan with her family.

Here is her Engagement Pic

sanam saeed engagement picture