Sana NawazLahore: Performer Sana expounded that her fresh play “Zindgi Hath Barha” will demonstrate a good drama serial for spectators. Lolly-wood Artist Sana told she had implemented the personality of an Afghan daughter which is practical personality. In a discussion Actress related that author and director of this production Agha Abbas have reserved the shows of performers with such ability which demonstrates that he’s a smart director.

Sana began her profession as TV performer. Sangam was her initial chief lolly-wood movie, related appropriate business achievement, Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa, (2002) was the 1st super success.

She believed she relished employed in this production in sequence and I’ll do similar ventures in the future. Sana announced that she’ll perform in flicks if she acquire proposal for virtuous script.

[alert style=”white”] Many female actresses latterly joined the drama industry, Sana being one of them. But she has potential to work in the film industry as well.[/alert]

Although there are new faces coming into the industry, the old ones are never forgotten since their experiences are important for grooming the juniors.