Actress Saba QamarLahore: Famous Pakistani actress Saba Qamar does not want that Pakistan releases Indian movies. Actress Saba is not in favor of Indian movies. She likes Pakistani dramas because of good stories which are matched with our real life. She has said that she likes competition in work and she is not scared of difficulties Saba expressed. She is a hard working lady and got a lot of fame in very short time. Actress is working in so many dramas and commercial and being casted for so many dramas because of good acting.

I used to do mistakes, when I joined TV industry. Now I have learned a lot from the world of showbiz Saba expressed. She has further said that there are not any friends of you in showbiz. She believes to concentrates on work and has said that your work is your good friend. I have got fame in showbiz through my work, just merit works in showbiz actress said.

Beautiful actress Saba has said that Pakistan is making good dramas their stories are based on reality. Saba is not in favor of Indian dramas she has said that there is not any reality in Indian dramas. Pakistani channels are presenting good dramas but the credit does not go only the actors but also goes to producer and director.