Lollywood actress Noor has once again announced of her return in movie industry, as learnt by the media sources. Soon she would be seen doing leading role in action, romantic based movie. She told while talking to one of the media channel.

Noor said that the film industry has given her the recognition. ‘It has remained my desire to work in movies’, said the actress. She said that personal commitments had kept her busy and out of work from the movie world. However, she looks forward to returning back. These days she is busy in practicing dancing steps and working on her fitness.

Noor after remaining out off screen from the movie world for a considerable time had engaged herself in hosting the morning shows. She has had been seen doing morning show at Hum TV channel, later on she switched to the PTV, government owned channel. After some time, she also left the morning show and remain inactive.

However, lately her return news in the movies has been learnt. Let’s hope that she manages to shine with the same zeal and enthusiastic performances as before. It is pertinent here to mention that Noor is said to have made decision of come back on request of the Pakistani leading actor Shaan Shahid.