Sidra KhanFamous stage actress Nilofar Shah, popularly known as Sidrah Khan has got extortion threats. According to the reports of Pakistani media industry, Nilofar Shah has received death threats from unidentified criminals, who asked her to pay 1 crore extortion money. Actress Sidrah Khan told the media that 3 armed persons came to her house make hostage to her and servants. She said that the criminals have asked her to pay 1 crore rupees at that time and remained in her flat for several hours. They have also harassed her and give death threats for not giving extortion money.

According to police, Sidrah Khan has filed a case in Boat Basin Police Station in which she also give statement that she has received several calls from the criminals after that incident for extortion money. Police has said that they are trying to trace the criminals and they will be soon arrested. On the other end, Sidrah Khan has said that if the government and police do not provide protection, she will not only left showbiz industry but Pakistan also.

It is to be noted that few months ago, famous Pakistani actress Sajal Ali had received 4 lac extortion slip with 2 bullets from the criminals.