Meharma AliLahore: Actress Meharma Ali (formerly known as Naila Raza) is going to host the TV talk show. Her first talk show “Hot Talk” is going to be released on private TV channel. Meharma is preparing for this show these days. She is going to discuss the political issues to the politician; issues of youngsters will be discussed as well.

Meharma’s show “Hot Talk” is going to be the different show from other shows. This show is likely to on air from next week. This show will be the best program of private channel. Her show is directed by Idrees Adil. Actress has been casted for dramas as well. She is about to record the scene of these dramas at the end of this month. It is said that actress Naila Raza has changed her name Meharma from Naila few months back. She is going to be recognized with her new name Meharma in showbiz.

Meharma had been living in abroad for long time. Now she is back and working in showbiz. Meharma is a Pakistani film actress, but she has just joined TV industry and working for dramas and talk show as well.